I Started My Record Label in Prison- Young Garvey’s Story

Meet Fabian “Young Garvey” Findley












So how did the record label start in prison?
Mi decide seh when mi reach back a my country, mi aguh tek on di music ‘cause mi a changed person. In prison in America you’re allowed to get a guitar or a keyboard, a piano. So mi mek my people dem buy mi a piano and send it een. An’ from mi get di piano everyday mi deh inna mi cell mi just a play, play di piano ‘til the police dem a seh ‘when Mr. Findley go him aguh rich, him a di only one wa look smart’.  Because mi always just focused. As mi come home (Jamaica) register mi company, build the studio, get some good artistes like Toogosnay and Jaquin and Fraze, yuh know and keep it positive.

Read more: http://jamaicans.com/stories-one-nation-music-started-prison-young-garveys-story/#ixzz4RoPeULoK


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