I’ve lived in the 14 parishes of Jamaica

1. Fourteen parishes, wow! Did that have an impact on you?

Yea. ‘cause mi get fi know different people and different people perspective a life. And different experience mek you wiser.

2.How did that lifestyle make you wiser?
When mi inna high school and mi see my mother and father have it hard, mi seh ‘no mi affi mek a change’. Dem (my parents) always look up to me, ‘cause one time mi read inna di bible, in di book of Job. Job face a whole heap a things inna life…and him become di King but show humbleness. That show, through di roughness a life, greatness can appear.

Read more: http://jamaicans.com/stories-ive-lived-14-parishes-jamaica-real-verbs-story/#ixzz4SDcaBLEE


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